Develop greater capacity for inner peace, personal fulfillment, deepened relationships, and compassionate leadership.

  • Explore your hopes and dreams and define what success looks like for you
  • Orientation and designing our alliance
  • Selecting x number of Kaleidoscope lenses for exploration
  • Defining how we will work with the lenses together
  • Setting your development goals based on challenges you face and the lenses you select
  • 3-way session with your manager (if you so choose)
  • Move into the coaching process where you are the driver and I am the navigator
  • Periodic coaching based on your needs (usually 8 to 10 sessions over 5 to 10 months)
  • Ongoing evaluation
  • Closure meeting
Your Coach:

Barbara began her consulting and coaching business more than 35 years ago with two areas of focus

  • Individual development through individual and peer coaching and programs for leadership development
  • Organization development and effectiveness through supporting teamwork and right relationship

Many of the stories and conceptual models in the Kaleidoscope lenses come directly from Barbara’s life experiences and what she has learned from them. Her stories will spark yours as well. She has been serving as a coach throughout the years. And, over the last decade she coaching has been her primary focus for her work. It suits her well and people who work with her find themselves having nourishing and rewarding experiences.

References available upon request.



  • A free introductory call
  • PDFs of selected Kaleidoscope lenses
  • The coaching from orientation through closure

Negotiated based on

  • How we design our alliance (number of sessions, number of lenses, etc.)
  • Finding a mutually beneficial place where we both feel respected and valued
  • Your ability to pay
  • Generally in the range of $2000 per lens with a minimum of 3 lenses
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