Thought-Less and Mindful

I’ve known for some time that walking in the forest and taking photos
of the Most Common of Life is a True Meditation for me.

And on this day, given my stress level and the comparative experience of ‘quiet’ as I took photos,
I actually became aware that I suspend time and thought as I focus my camera.

I didn’t notice it as I was actually taking photos.
Rather, I noticed AFTER I came back into time and thought.
Then I noticed that, for those moments, all that existed was right in front of me.
In those moments, my ego emptied, my breathing changed, my heartbeat slowed.
All from being ‘present’ behind a camera lens.

Thus today, through a relative experience of stress and no stress,
photography of nature has been affirmed as a timeless, ‘thought-less,’ and mindful experience.
The process is at least as important…if not more…than the product. What a powerful gift!