Nature and Technology as Complements

Nature and technology are often seen in terms of polarity. Yet, while the polarity may have some truth, it is not the whole story. Nature and Technology also complement and balance each other.
  • Reminds us of the truth of physical impermanence
  • Reconnects us with the beauty of the extraordinary ordinary
  • Also shows us beauty through its ‘imperfection’ and ‘incompleteness’
  • Appreciation results in healing ourselves and caring for our home, the earth
  • A hopeful platform for possible step-change and transformation
  • Potential for heart level connections that go beyond 2D transactions
  • The internet is here to stay and it’s up to us to make it a place we want to inhabit
  • The internet is an infant taking its first steps and, as yet, totally unaware of its potential to eventually climb mountains
Nature and Technology
  • Together nature and technology create a complementary whole
  • One way to see the whole is through the four elements
  • Nature is grounding and healing – like earth and water
  • Technology is expansive and transforming – like air and fire
  • Simultaneously, this whole is both evolving and complete, both ancient and emerging