Miracles Beyond Comprehension

Daily Log
Earthdate 052420172312CDT
45º00’00” North / 93º19’10” West

As we are find ourselves swept up – to one extent or another – in the unfolding drama of this moment on Earth, I am aware that, at the same time, we are traveling through the Cosmos at 800 miles per second / 2,800,000 mph. Or, so I’m told. Imagine! And we don’t feel it at all. In awe, I wonder how we can be moving at such a speed without having any physical awareness of it.

And how, I ask, how (on earth) have scientists figured out how to calculate the speeds of the earth’s rotation and revolution around the sun, the speed of the sun itself as it whizzes like a comet through space pulling the planets with it, not to mention the galaxy that is also in motion? And then how, as a result, has the magnificence of human ingenuity been able to get a tiny satellite with a camera – like Cassini – to accurately find its way to Saturn and, as if that wasn’t enough, to record such amazing images and send them back for the rest of us here on earth to appreciate? It’s so much more than a needle in a haystack! Seriously. Imagine.

It’s all a miracle. Whether we see it at the cosmic level or the earthly level, it’s all happening now as we move through space at 800 miles per second without feeling it.

In The Galaxy Song by Monty Python, the numbers are different but the essence of the miracle is the same. At one point, he sings, “And our galaxy itself is one of millions of billions / In this amazing and expanding universe.” And further on he sings, “So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure, / How amazingly unlikely is your birth….”

On my walk today I took this photo of a beautiful poppy that has shed its bright orange petals. It is as big a miracle as whizzing through space. The significant difference is that I can use my physical senses to experience this flower and other flowers on this day and other days. Our movement through space is invisible and beyond my awareness every day.

Today I choose to notice the ongoing miracles of our existence – both visible and invisible. I choose to do my best not to be distracted by the fear-filled, self-absorbed drama of our world’s current daily dysfunction. I may forget myriad times. Then, I will recommit that many times as well. I ask my family, friends, angels, guides, teachers, avatars, mentors, and all other supporters to hold me, be with me, in this commitment. May it be so.