Serving and Being Served

Service is appreciative and reverent reciprocity for the gift of life. The crises of our time allow us to see and act from our leadership privilege and responsibility …no matter … Read More

We Are The Bells

The world Longs for us.   We are the bells. We ring. And as we ring We see how Our ringing signifies Potential for Life. In you. In me. In … Read More

The Goddess

Recently I was honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Boards of Directors of The Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development. We had a wonderful celebration where … Read More

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Barbara Shipka has been honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Boards of Directors of The Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development. To quote the Center’s President and CEO, John … Read More

Running and Not Running

Running was a big part of my childhood. We didn’t walk. We ran. I remember running full-tilt into the lake whenever possible. Running in the night to catch flickering fireflies. … Read More

Miracles Beyond Comprehension

Daily Log Earthdate 052420172312CDT 45º00’00” North / 93º19’10” West As we are find ourselves swept up – to one extent or another – in the unfolding drama of this moment on … Read More

The Call

what in your life is calling you? when all the noise is silenced, the meetings adjourned, the lists laid aside, and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark … Read More

Bay or Gulf?

In the last several years there’s been a lot of conversation about having a both/and orientation. It’s wonderful to be inclusive, isn’t it? And…unless having a both/and orientation includes the … Read More

Thoughts on ‘Leadership’

If we have the luxury of our most precious natural resources like health, time, intellect, and energy, we…by definition…have a leadership role in today’s world. Thus, if you are reading … Read More

Nature and Technology as Complements

Nature and technology are often seen in terms of polarity. Yet, while the polarity may have some truth, it is not the whole story. Nature and Technology also complement and … Read More


Here’s what Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall write in their book on spiritual intelligence: Unlike IQ, which computers have, and EQ, which exists in higher mammals, SQ is uniquely human … Read More


I had been writing For months. Day after day. I looked out the window Beyond my desk And thought… “I want to make a difference. Yet, I’m just sitting here … Read More

About the Photos

The Kaleidoscope Lenses and “A Kaleidoscope of Haiku” hold more than 500 photos captured within the Minneapolis city limits between 2010 and today. About 95% are of nature – deliberately photographed as … Read More

Combining Words and Images

Recently, in a meeting with a business client, we were asked about why we combine words and images on every page of the Kaleidoscope lenses. Several people remarked on how innovative … Read More


Storytelling is an ancient and enduring way that humans have always connected with each other. Stories are one way we awaken new insights and gather our individual and collective wisdom. Beneath … Read More

The Power of Our Stories

We all know how to tell stories. Our brains are naturally wired that way. Therefore, the leaders we coach are all storytellers as well. When we are learning to coach and helping others learn … Read More

Storytelling and Leadership

Here is what one person who endorsed the book I wrote many years ago about conscious leadership and global sustainability said about storytelling. She reminds us of how storytelling makes … Read More

Thought-Less and Mindful

I’ve known for some time that walking in the forest and taking photos of the Most Common of Life is a True Meditation for me. And on this day, given … Read More

Storytelling: A Mutual Interest

I currently have the privilege of working several groups of high talent millennial business leaders. We are focused on their leadership development and, specifically, on the development of their emotional … Read More