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HEALING THEME Designed to support you in lifting fuels of the earth to feed the fires of your belly and, thus, warm your heart waters.

SACRED HOME This piece sits by Mt. Kilauea on the Island of Hawaii, USA, recognized as the lava palace of Pele, goddess of fire. Mt. Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world – spewing forth very direct gifts of earth energy!

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are mother of pearl, garnet, coral, hematite, and goldstone. Together they create a story of questioning what is real and what it means to be alive. For example, were the coral and mother of pearl alive once upon a time but no longer? Or are they forever alive? And what of the other “stones” not to mention our own bones!? It is a story of realizing that the only limitations are self-limiting concepts, a story of coming into harmony with the natural forces of the universe and with the wilderness within your own being.

COLORS The colors maroon, white, orange, and yellow together represent qualities of aliveness, and freshness, of the beautiful white lotus that grows and thrives because of the mud of earth. These colors especially support chakras 1 (life), 2 (passion), and 3 (personal power).

NUMBERS “Gifts of Earth Energy” vibrates to the number 1 which signifies life itself and individuation. Another significant number is 5. Each side has 95 stones (which reduces to 5) and the entire necklace has 190 (1) stones. The stones are in multiples of 5. Key attributes of these numbers are life force, courage, freedom, vitality, and adventure.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of five-pointed stars which are the symbol of the human with feet connected to the earth, arms reaching out, and with the head, our symbol for consciousness, connected to the heavens.

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