Barbara Shipka has been honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Boards of Directors of The Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development. To quote the Center’s President and CEO, John D. Carter:

On behalf of the Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Organization & Systems Development Integrative Study Center, our boards of directors would like to recognize and thank you for making a difference in the world with your presence. The Gestalt OSD Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who have made a notable contribution at the local, national, or international level of systems over a sustained period.

The context and ways in which you have made a difference with your presence are impressive. Your work is grounded in natural human processes and therefore has a universal applicability to it. A common thread in the life of everyone who has received this award is a commitment to lifelong learning. You have found ways to gently touch the hearts of people by allowing them to learn from your work. Also, you have a style of presentation that is beautiful and has a harmony that we envy. We wish we had this touch of yours in the presentation of our body of knowledge.

The Goddess