Barbara Shipka has been honored with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Boards of Directors of The Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development. To quote the Center’s President and CEO, John D. Carter, “Thank you for making a difference in the world through your presence as an applied behavioral science practitioner. You have found a way to gently touch the hearts of people by allowing them to learn from your work.” When Carter proposed his nomination for the award to Barbara, he said, “I would like to see many more people have access to you and your transformative work.”

In addition to deep experience in leadership coaching, organization consulting, and single parenting, Barbara is an author, photographer, artist, and poet. To the best of her ability, she seeks to holistically combine her unique gifts in a 22 volume / 500-page work entitled Kaleidoscope Lenses. Additionally, in A Kaleidoscope of Haiku, via which she sends out a 17-syllable story by email each day.  To quote Carter, “You consistently provide inspiration to individuals who visit your website. There is a style of presentation that is beautiful and has a harmony that I enjoy and wish we had this touch of yours in our public presentation of our body of knowledge.”

Barbara’s latest artistic project:  On the night Trump was elected in November 2016, I made a commitment to offer a counterbalance, to gently and quietly lift the vibration as much as I am able. The emails were officially launched on Inauguration Day 2017. I intend to continue to offer them as long as he is in office. Using my gifts, it’s something I can do! It’s my form of activism and my way of deepening my purpose for being here on earth at this time.

The Goddess