Our Vision For This Work
  • Deepening our capacity for Compassionate Leadership
  • Connecting us with Nature, Beauty, and The Miracle of Life
  • Courageously Illuminating and Giving Our Gifts to the World
  • Healing our suffering with moments of Hope, Inspiration, and Respite
  • Leveraging Technology to connect us at the heart level that Transcends Geography
About The Bells

My work in the late 1970s involved driving between locations within the city. At the time, I didn’t have air-conditioning in my car so, in the heat of the summer, I’d have my windows rolled down. The sounds of traffic on the freeways, especially the 18-wheelers, was almost deafening and quite stressful.

One day I decided to put two small brass bells on my briefcase. They were from a cluster of bells I wore on my backpack while hiking in the Canadian Rockies – to warn the bears. After parking, I’d pull the bells out of my briefcase and let them ring as I walked. Once I got to the building, I’d tuck them back into my briefcase. While it was a small gesture, it was also a helpful and joyful way to harmoniously counterbalance an almost overwhelming dissonance.

The need for counterbalancing energies is always present in our world and, in fact, that need is both increasing and intensifying. Thus, we, you and I, have a splendid opportunity to consciously be the bells that counterbalance the often overwhelming dissonance of our world.

Illuminating Our Uncommon Gifts

As we concentrate on manifesting more love and light, not only do we counterbalance the noise of the world but we also become more able to give our gifts of love and light. The world is in great need of all we have to give. It is time for us to spread our wings in new ways. We invite you to engage with us in more fully illuminating your uncommon gifts.

Engage with Us

Most likely, you are already engaged with this vision in myriad ways. To further support you, there are multiple ways you can engage with the Kaleidoscope offerings. A few examples are:

  • Customized Services – Such as emotional intelligence and leadership coaching, team development, special events, and graphic design.
  • Monthly Kaleidoscope Featured Excerpts – A taste of content from the 24 lenses beginning with Perspective in February 2017, Resilience in March, and Courage in April.
  • Welcome to Earth – Everyday stories of our extraordinary ordinary lives on earth both at home and far away.
  • Lead into Gold – Alchemy is where science and magic intersect.
  • Fire and Ice – Being FULLY and Fully BEING in this time of fire and ice.
  • Music, Miracles, Mystery – Very short original essays that form an eclectic collection on a wide variety of topics as synchronicity, crop circles, quantum entanglement, play, sacred geometry, nature, harmony, global sustainability and more.
  • This Exceptional Moment – Remember that you are at this exceptional moment in a unique epoch, and that you have this great happiness, this invaluable privilege, of being present at the birth of a new world.~ Sri Aurobindo
  • A Kaleidoscope of Healing Stones – Gifts of Mother Earth that look and feel like jewelry and are so much more!
  • A Kaleidoscope of Haiku – A new inspiration photo and seventeen-syllable haiku most days.

Please check out our full list of products and services. We look forward to engaging with you!

Send us your thoughts and feedbackSince much you will encounter here is an uplifting creative expression in the form of stories, photos, and poetry, we especially appreciate receiving YOUR creative expressions as well!

Thank you!