Among the consistent threads in Barbara’s life are her global citizenship, her love of learning and supporting others’ learning, and her artistic projects.  Over the last decade these three threads have been woven into a braid of emotional intelligence coaching. She has worked virtually – where ‘virtually’ means both ‘literally’ and ‘via technology’ – with hundreds of business leaders in more than 35 countries on six continents. Though she knows that many people currently prefer to work in person, most of the leaders she coaches have teams that are globally dispersed so working virtually is in their favor!  She has a passion for being a positive force for moving our virtual experiences from 2D transactions such as buying and selling or sharing information to 3D transactions such as building and deepening personal relationships and connecting our hearts, and perhaps even going beyond that into connections with each other that have been unknown or unrecognized until now.

Kaleidoscope is offered with gratitude for the gifts you, each and all, give to the world every day. Thank you for engaging!

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