To gather interested friends and colleagues together to

  • Share in Our Vision For This Work
  • Offer our gifts to each other
  • Share wisdom with each other
  • Gain sustenance from each other
  • Explore the Kaleidoscope lenses together
  • By invitation only
  • Begins with a phone call to discern goals and thoughts on process
  • Defined by what is gleaned from the initial phone calls
  • Virtual sessions
  • Perhaps six monthly gatherings
  • Perhaps 2 hours each
  • Perhaps with a different lens as a focus for each session
  • Perhaps includes storytelling
Your Convener:

Barbara has spent the last two years developing the Kaleidoscope lenses. She and her invaluable friend and business partner, Val, look forward to sharing them as widely as possible with you and the world. Now is the time!

Investment negotiated based on:
  • Your ability to pay
  • Finding a mutually beneficial place where we both feel respected and valued
Contact us to schedule a free introductory call if you believe there may be a fit.