,,,,Worked in the corporate world for decades and know the language
,,,,Have a published book on global sustainability, role of business, and leadership
,,,,Several published essays on leadership in business
,,,,Deep and broad global experience as a leadership coach and organization consultant
,,,,Manuscript reader and editor for two business book publishers
,,,,Self-employed and working remotely for many years
,,,,Self-published writer (pdfs and iBooks)
,,,,Work with Microsoft: Word, Outlook, PowerPoint
….Work with Apple: Pages and Keynote, Quicktime
….Work with Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Pro
,,,,WordPress web design example:
,,,,Constant Contact and MailChimp email programs
,,,,Experienced with social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Exposure
,,,,Experienced with remote meeting platforms including Zoom, WebEx, Skype, and Adobe Connect
,,,,Familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style
,,,,Bachelor of Science in education
,,,,Teacher in the US, Lebanon, and The Dominican Republic
,,,,Worked in Somalia, The Sudan, and Ethiopia with an ngo supporting refugee work
,,,,Curriculum design and delivery
,,,,English as a second language teacher

….Love of reading and writing
,,,,Able to simultaneously hold both the detail and the big picture
,,,,Integrate aesthetic beauty with accuracy of presentation
,,,,Organized, efficient, thorough, reliable, creative, collaborative
,,,,Enjoy learning new artistic and design tools
,,,,Broad and inclusive worldview
,,,,A life-long learner of many subjects
,,,,An avid photographer

SAMPLES OF WRITING 2017-2023 (All under Grounded Light in the nav bar)
….A story from my childhood and adolescence: Weather’s Whimsy
,,,,A story from my global travels: How Wide is the Nile Where She Comes From?
,,,,Another story from my global travels: Chana Dal
,,,,Highlighting another author’s article: Can you Hear the Trees Speaking?
,,,,A point of view: The Power of Combining Words and Images
,,,,Highlighting the JFK Profile in Courage Award: Beacons of Light