A bridge is a link. It is an enabler and a support that connects one side of an abyss to another. While each of us engages in our life’s work, especially at this time, we enable and support many others. We are sturdy bridges that ease traversing chasms.

Bridges offer new alternatives. Until a bridge is there, the primary choice is whether to cross the chasm or not. Binary. Once a bridge exists, there are new choices beyond yes or no. We can choose to stay where we are, of course. But, in addition, we can choose the convenience, speed, and ease of crossing on the bridge or we can choose the adventure, challenge, and exercise of climbing down the cliff, fording the river, and climbing up the other bank. As we know, personal power is sourced, first, in recognizing that we always have choice. And, further, it is in seeing alternatives and consciously choosing what feels ‘right’ at any given time.

The base of most bridges is built on a solid foundation of stone. The stone offers structure and stability to the bridge. Stones also serve as a connection with the earth. In support of us as living bridges, stones help keep us grounded, strong, and in a place of integrity. Along with their beauty, perhaps these gifts are clues to why stones have been treasured throughout human history.


I designed the necklace above some years ago. Its name is BridgesTones. It is part of The Music of the Spheres (Planets) collection which is part of a larger body of work called Grounded Light. The stones in this necklace include silver leaf jasper, lava, tektite, black onyx, cinnabar, and bali silver. On the website you can view several different versions of BridgesTones as well as read another version of their story.