GROUND: physical form, earth, the universe, the five senses, matter….

LIGHT: animates physical form, power, movement, consciousness, energy….


“That’s it,” my teacher said. “Every physical movement can be traced back to one or a combination of  five energies that animate matter.” Seriously?

Here are the five core energies he proposed and a few examples of each:

1. BACK AND FORTH / IN AND OUT / PUSH AND PULL: breathing, making love, competition, conflict, the dog that wants in when out and vice versa, migration, tides, a deep conversation, galaxies colliding

2. ROCKING / ARCING:  in a chair, on a boat, in the womb, a mother swaying a child while standing, a swing, dancing, trees in a breeze, twirling, curving, rotating, revolving

3. DROP / FORWARD:  an elevator, an airplane taking off, our construct of time, driving on a freeway, progress, cheetahs running, a river, learning to walk, rain, an avalanche

4. SQUEEZE:  a hug, a handshake, what we do to a toothpaste tube, being in a bind, bite the bullet, gravity, pressure of the ocean felt when scuba diving, gases solidifying into stars, condensation, contraction

5. SURPRISE:  something from apparent nothing, creativity, insight, explosion, expansion, invention, a supernova, all life and especially the miracle of every newborn, every hatched egg, every new bud and sprout – so common and repeatable that we sometimes hardly notice


In the years since I received this teaching, I have not identified any other core energies. However, I have come to see ways they combine and interact with each other, bringing in complexity. For example, the movement of our solar system combines all five energies. The sun moves forward through space like a comet pulling the planets because of the squeeze of gravity and, thus, they arc around it. And, as for surprise, there is the miracle-of-life-as-we-define-it on at least one of the planets.


This necklace, one of the 44 StoneCircles, is named Gifts of Earth’s Energy. It is designed to support you in lifting fuels of the earth to feed the fires of your belly and, thus, warm your heart waters.

The stones are mother of pearl, garnet, coral, hematite, and goldstone.

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