Beauty is eternity gazing at itself….  ~ Khalil Gibran


GROUND:  Beauty….

LIGHT:  Beauty….


As we walk, As we walk

The Universe is walking with us

In Beauty It walks before us

In Beauty It walks behind us

In Beauty It walks below us

In Beauty It walks above us

Beauty is on every side

As we walk, We walk in Beauty


~ excerpt from a traditional Navajo prayer


A Short Video by Barbara

One day almost ten years ago I went for a walk in a nearby city park forest. I took my camera with me. For more than decade and a half before that day, our beagle, Bibi, accompanied me. But, alas, she was now a beloved memory. When I looked at the photos later that day, I was struck by how ordinary and how extraordinary they were at the same time. My camera helps me see the beauty that is all around us every day. I made a 3 minute video using that day’s photos and the words of the prayer. Then I added  a recording of Primeaux and Mike singing the prayer in Navajo. Enjoy.

About the Stones

This necklace, one of the 44 StoneCircles, is named Walk in Beauty. It is designed to support you in unveiling and revealing more and more of your innate creativity. Its sacred place is in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The stones are carnelian, labradorite, blue tiger eye and/or rainbow obsidian, crazy lace agate, serpentine, and moonstone. The cloisonné beads add a touch of human ingenuity. Read more of Walk in Beauty’s story including the significance of the stones’ attributes, the colors, numbers, and the geometry that are built into the design. It emerged in 2002.