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08 Resplendent Vessel


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in learning more about how to move from 3-D (the world of time) to 4-D (the world beyond time) and, even more profoundly, in being able to bring the Divine gifts and virtues of 4-D into 3-D for the benefit of all Life.

ld beyond time) – as in meditation – and, even more profoundly, in learning to bring 4-D into 3-D – as in actualizing Divine gifts and virtues In the world.

SACRED HOME This design sits within Mont St. Michel, France. Serving as a vessel for quenching spiritual thirst, this shrine to St. Michael sits on a tidal island just off the coast of France. Twice a day when the tides are high, it looks like it just might be another kind of vessel – a ship at sea.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are amethyst, quartz, lepidolite, fluorite, charoite, and moonstone. Together they create a story of power and peace, of enhancing creativity and self-expression, of assisting in the fulfillment of destiny, a story of smooth passages between realms, of bringing the energy of the stars into the soul, a story of living into your divinity and sharing it fully with the world.

COLORS The colors purple and white together represent qualities of royalty, blending mind and spirit, healing, meditation, and spiritual strength. These colors especially support the seventh chakra (connection with the Divine).

NUMBERS “Resplendent Vessel” vibrates to the number 7 which signifies the sage or teacher. Other significant numbers are 6 and 11. Each side has 56 stones (which reduces to 11). Then, 7 additional stones have been integrated so that the entire necklace has 119 (11) stones. The stones are in multiples of 6 and 7. Key attributes of these numbers are responsibility, wisdom, caring, and selfless service.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement of six-pointed and seven-pointed stars which, together, create a mystical energy grid.


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