18 Merrily We Row Along600

18 Merrily We Row Along


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in accessing your potential as you remember that “life is but a dream.”

SACRED HOME This piece sits in Tanzania near a mountain the Maasai call “Ol Doinyo Lengai” and the Sonjo people who speak Bantu call “Mogongo jo Mugwe.” In both languages, it means “Mountain of God.” In the dreams of both groups of people, God, who lives on the peak of this active volcano, sends blessings, hears their prayers, and cares for their well-being.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are ruby zoisite, ruby, and black onyx. In concert, they create a story of transmuting negative energies into positive force-fields, of conquering darkness, of promoting creativity, of centering, banishing grief, and finding spiritual wisdom, a story of wise decision-making at all levels and of becoming master of your own destiny.

COLORS The colors rose pink, green, and black together represent qualities of life, health, growth, blossoming, wealth, and spiritual maturity. These colors especially support chakras 1 (life) and 4 (love).

NUMBERS “Merrily We Row Along” vibrates to the number 8 which signifies the power to succeed. Other significant numbers are 2 and 4. Each side has 44 stones…which reduces to 8…and the entire necklet has 89 stones (8). The stones are in multiples of 2, 4, and 8. Key attributes of these numbers are relationship, empathy, balance, practicality, and effort, along with achievement and recognition.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of a square, the geometry of manifestation, juxtaposed on a five-pointed star which is a symbol for the human.


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