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26 Beauty and the Beauty


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in establishing/maintaining physical and spiritual health so that you may be a guide in gentle, loving service.

SACRED HOME This piece sits in Varanasi, India. People come as pilgrims to this holy Hindu city on the Ganges River that they may descend one of the city’s many ghats (stairways) in order to bathe in the holy waters. People who are dying or are already dead are brought here that they may be cremated at the “burning ghat” and have their ashes scattered on the waters of the river. Beauty in life, beauty in death.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are garnet, botswana agate, and leopardskin jasper. In concert they create a story of commitment to purpose, of awakening inherent talents, encouraging eternal love, peace, of intuitive recognition and using intuition for the benefit of humanity, of health and protection, a story of modeling all levels of self-care while lovingly, gently serving others and all of creation.

COLORS The colors tan, gray, pink, and maroon together represent qualities of mother earth, energy, warm love, passion, clarity, and brightness. These colors especially support chakras 1 (life), 4 (love), and 7 (connection with the Divine).

NUMBERS “Beauty and the Beauty” vibrates to the number 11, which signifies spiritual caring, a respect and reverence for all life and all aspects of life beginning with the cycle of birth-life-death. This design has 65 round stones (which reduces to 11. Other significant numbers are 2, 3, and 4. Key attributes of these numbers are gentleness, balance, stability, cooperation, devotion, and creative power.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of triangles that form 6-pointed stars which are energy generators and, as tetrahedrons, assist us in accessing our light bodies.


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