35 Bluehawk600

35 Bluehawk


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in hitting the high notes of purpose and perspective in your life.

SACRED HOME This piece flies high to view a Coptic Christian church in Lalibela, Ethiopia. The church was built by first hollowing out the surrounding rock to create the exterior shape. Next, the interior was hollowed. The roof of the church is level with the ground. Thus, it can only be seen from a higher perspective.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are lapis lazuli, aventurine, azurite/malachite, and malachite. In concert they create a story of deepening and intensifying your awareness, of assisting you in being able to consciously hold more and more of your ultimate ideal, of developing clarity and truth as a perspective, of amplifying leadership qualities, a story of how flying high with deep wisdom attracts and serves your companions in life.

COLORS The colors green and blue are reminiscent of a bird’s eye view of our precious earth – and life. They represent qualities of peace, openness, protection, healing, vitality and life, and abundance. These colors especially support chakras 4 (love), and 5 (truth).

NUMBERS “Bluehawk” vibrates to the number 11, which signifies a higher octave of the number 2 – ideal and spiritual aspects of caring and giving in a relationship, for example. Other significant numbers are 1, 22, and 44. There are 22 stones on each side plus 1 larger stone at the center. Key attributes of these numbers are self-acceptance, creating vision, seeing the big picture, revelation, and inspiration, actualizing the Divine with the self.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of triangles and 7-pointed stars. The triangles generate energy and the 7-pointed star reminds us to allow for the mystical.


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