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39 Luna’s Light


HEALING THEME Designed to support you in reclaiming and nurturing the innocence and simplicity that comes from mastery on the other side of complexity.

SACRED HOME This piece sits on Lion’s Head Mountain in Taiwan. 1500 steps lead up the mountain to the Moon Viewing Pavilion at the top. Then another path leads back down through flower-scented forests and bamboo groves.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are labradorite, mother of pearl, and moonstone. In concert, they create a story of balancing intuition and intellect, of innocence and faith, of being assisted in the fulfillment of your destiny, a story of being assured – even on nights of the new moon – that the light is always present, surrounding, and pure.

COLORS The colors gray and white together represent qualities of balance, detachment, purity, healing, and speaking with the angels. These colors especially support chakras 1 (vitality), 7 (connection with the Divine).

NUMBERS “Luna’s Light” vibrates to the number 6 and signifies a gentle healing and a gentle healer. Another significant number is 3. All of the stones in multiples of 3. There are 21 stones (which reduces to 3)on each side of the bracelet and 42 (6) in the entire bracelet. Key attributes of these numbers are creation, expression, devotion, and compassion.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of six-pointed stars overlapping triangles, which are energy generators and a sacred geometry of creation.


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