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42 Re-Lease


HEALING THEME Designed to support you both in releasing old patterns that may have served you once but no longer and also in establishing new patterns that give you a new lease on life.

SACRED HOME This piece sits in Borobudur, Java, Indonesia. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist stupa in the world and the largest stone structure in the southern hemisphere. It was constructed in the ninth century AD as a monument to Mahayana Buddhism which asserts that one’s good conduct on earth can release the soul from its state of suffering.

STONE ATTRIBUTES The stones are amethyst, quartz, lepidolite, and charoite. In concert they create a story of smooth passage through change, reducing stress and alleviating despondency, of strength and invigoration, power and clarity, assisting in “second-sight” and visioning, a story of opening your heart to yourself.

COLORS The colors white and purple represent qualities of peace, healing, spiritual strength, enhancement of psychic abilities, power, and a meeting of mind and spirit. These colors especially support chakra 7 (connection with the Divine).

NUMBERS “Re-Lease” vibrates to the number 11 which signifies attributes of inspiration and power of spirit. In addition to 11, other significant numbers are 1 and 4. There are 19 stones on each side (which reduces to 1) and 38 (11) stones in total. Key attributes of these numbers are self-acceptance, independence while maintaining a recognition that we are all connected revelation and inspiration, and actualizing the Divine within the self.

GEOMETRY Hidden within the arrangement is an energy grid of triangles and squares. The triangles generate energy and the squares add groundedness and practicality to that energy.


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