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Blessing The Way Stones For Expectant Parents

Inspired by ancient & indigenous wisdom, these hand-crafted Sacred Stones offer a tangible symbol of connection between the hearts & souls of expectant parents & their arriving children.

Blessing the Way Stones offer a gift of support, beauty, and love. They provide a symbol for a mother-to-be or father-to-be to touch and keep close by. A mother may tuck them into her bra so they are close to her heart, a father may sleep with them under his pillow….  Parents will find comfort with the stones as they and their child move together through the child’s development within the mother’s womb, as the child is birthed, and following birth as they witness this miraculous infant joining the family of humanity.  And years later, as mother and father find themselves to be expectant grandparents, they may choose to pass their Blessing the Way Stones on to their “child.”

The name “Blessing the Way” is reminiscent of a ritual indigenous cultures have practiced over time.  It is called “The Blessing Way.”  It is a time when the community assists the mother in preparing for the sacred act of giving birth.  In the ceremony, the “way” into the world  is blessed for both child and mother.  Blessing the Way Stones serve in a similar way.

The design includes 108 beads (as with the traditional Buddhist mala or prayer beads).  Also, a five-pointed star of tiny sterling silver beads forms a grid to ground the energy and to represent the magnificence of the human.

The stones are all natural and they come from both land and sea.  There are four versions: mother of pearl, moonstone, rose quartz, and amazonite, all with sterling silver.  Each stone is round and each piece is round to echo the universal shape that has no beginning and no end.