What to do with FieldsTones?  Their purpose is with your field — which extends into your environment.  The uses for FieldsTones are varied and many.  You can remove the chain and add them to a necklace or clip them to a key ring.  You can pass the chain through a zipper on a backpack or jacket.  You can hang them in a window in a small child’s room or make them into a lamp pull for your office.  You can use them as a pendulum, put them in your pocket, hang them from a belt loop or briefcase, sleep with them under your pillow….

As you choose, follow your intuition and go with whatever seems to most attract you.  To help you, here are a few indicators:

 EarthsTones ground and offer settling, restfulness, quiet, setting down roots.

WatersTones support flow, assist with relaxing, letting go, trust, calm emotions.

AirsTones inspire, bring focus, build attention and clarity of thought, create openings.

FiresTones energize, foster creativity, illuminate will, confidence, and personal power.

Living beings are like power plants.  We generate energy.  And this energy extends beyond our bodies. It is called by various names like chi, life force, vitality, aura, and our field.  FieldsTones are created from natural, semiprecious stones and have been given “elemental tones” of the four elements that support and bring balance to this field of body, heart, mind, and soul.

You may choose one FieldsTones piece for yourself or you may choose four — one for each element.  And, yes, you most certainly may choose FieldsTones for others!   Because our fields interact, we come to know a fair amount about the balance and imbalance for others as well.  FieldsTones can be especially helpful for children, adolescents, and young adults.

FieldsTones have a clasp in the middle so that you can separate the two halves and make the piece into one that will hang on a keychain, backpack, jacket, belt loop…