This high-resolution image is a gift. We encourage you to make it your desktop image any time but especially for the month of February 2017. It supports further illuminating your uncommon gifts, reconnecting you with nature, and as a form of lightness or high play. It also offers stress relieving ‘healing touch points’ throughout the day – like being a reminder to breathe.

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Wabi-sabi loosely translates as ‘the Zen of things.’ Going beyond our conventional ideas of beauty as being the height of lushness and bloom, wabi-sabi is also about looking more closely and recognizing beauty in the inconspicuous, imperfect, and impermanent.

To ponder: What does it mean to ‘hold a broader perspective’? What’s the value (or not)
of developing a
broader perspective? What conditions support you in gaining a broader perspective? How and why? What conditions inhibit your ability to maintain a broader perspective? How and why? 

This photo was taken at Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN.