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Service Project: With LoveStones

With LoveStones bracelets and card with the description

A With LovesTones bracelet offers a gift of support, beauty, and love. It provides a symbol of how much you are loved and cared for by others and by all of Life Itself. Friends joined together to string these bracelets in an atmosphere of love, prayer and meditation, gratitude and Light. May your bracelet serve as a boost of sustenance, inspiration, comfort, courage, and whatever else it may be that you most need at this point on your journey. Mother Earth is very generous. All of the bracelets can support you in shifting energy. In addition, based on the different stones used for each design, the bracelets have been given a focus or High-Light. Pearls are integrated into all of the bracelets so that the wearer may listen for their wisdom.

1 COURAGE, BALANCE – riverstone, unakite, aventurine, 3 jaspers, carnelian
2 LOVE, CALM, PEACE – rose quartz, rhodonite, nevada lapis, amazonite, garnet, labradorite
3 QUIET MIND, STRENGTH – hematite, smoky quartz, picture jasper, moonstone, black onyx
4 RECEPTIVITY, IN THE PRESENT – natural mother of pearl, tiger eye, peridot, jade, quartz, citrine
5 RELEASE, EASE – white mother of pearl, quartz, blue lace agate, turquoise, amethyst, lapis, fluorite
6 SURRENDER, REST, RENEW – moonstone, malachite, turquoise, tanzanite, aventurine, apatite, agate
7 WHOLENESS, PURE POTENTIAL – black onyx, tourmaline, zebra rock, iolite, 2 obsidians, pyrite

With LovesTones bracelets are free. The bracelets have extenders and come in three sizes: Small (approx 5 – 6.5″), Medium (approx. 6 – 7.5″), and Large (approx. 7 – 9 “).