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Purple cyclestones

F) CyclesTones (Moon)


In teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel one perspective held when looking into a proposal that is brought forth. is the “Law of Cycles and the Cycle of Laws.”  In holding this perspective, one must consider natural laws of motion and movement such as the cycles of life, the cycles of the seasons — like the cycles of the moon and how they affect everything from tides to behavior.

Wisdom is in right timing. Time is artificial, a mental construct and is, archetypally, masculine. Timing, on the other hand, is natural, results in flow, and is archetypally feminine.

Right timing means being aware and receptive.  It may require us to wait and watch the cycles of life, the seasons, the moon with patience and gratitude; awe, awareness, and receptivity. Fruition is filled with miracle, harmony, and grace.

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