Music of the Spheres (Planets) is an ancient concept describing movements of celestial bodies as forms of music.
The image above is a combination of three Music of the Spheres designs: CentersTones (Earth), MindsTones (Mercury), and RenaissancesTones (Asteroids and Comets).
In this collection, the designs remain constant but the stones and chains change, and thus, so do the colors. You’ll note, for example, that the RenaissancesTones above is turquoise and deep green while the one below is pink and light green. Each and every necklace is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Thus, the images below are representative. If you wish to know what options for a design are currently available, please contact Barbara directly at I will send photos of current options.
Music of the Spheres designs range in price from $82 – $550.

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