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H) KeysTones (Jupiter)


We each have a frequency in which we began our songs here on Earth. It is the key of our essence. It is the key of the hum we each made as we arrived – innocent, perfect, pure, without experience or knowledge or judgment.

As we work our way through our life-songs, we find ourselves having many key changes that most definitely add color, drama, and depth. In fact, we can become so involved in the complexities of these introduced vibrations that it’s possible to forget that original hum. While the key changes may be harmonic and may be interesting, they also hold qualities of tension and suspension.

Being in key is an experience of flowing with the river, of dynamic balance, of gentle joy, inner peace, and personal power. Being out of key is part of life’s experience. Returning is ‘key.’ Your musical key is your keystone. It’s what holds everything in place – just as the keystone of an arch maintains the arch’s opening. It brings integrity to your song, your solo, your soul-o.

Finding and learning to vibrate in your original key allows you to change your interior landscape: centering, returning ‘home,’ remembering who you really are. It also assists you in learning how to harmonize with your exterior landscape as well.

This necklace is designed based on the familiar Western musical scale of 7 notes in 2 octaves. Also, KeysTones necklaces are associated with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter has more than twice the mass of all of the other planets in the solar system combined. As an archetype, Jupiter is about growth and expansion.

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