When we come to light, we are coming to the fundamental activity in which
existence has its ground. Light is the potential of everything.  ~ David Bohm

And also when light comes to us….

The map above hung in my studio where I meditated on it for four years as the story of The StoneCircles and Celestial Rays unfolded. We’re at the point where the rays are revealing their story to me.

Per last week’s story, Radiating Light to the Whole World Every Day, I knew that the rays surrounded the earth at 30º intervals. And, as with The StoneCircles collective and coherent healing song that surrounds the earth, I had a hunch that the rays probably had a collective and coherent story to tell as well. But how to get at it? To get started, I asked which ray was associated with the Greenwich Meridian.

After much time yet again, I received the message that the beautiful necklace above, the short version of the Love and Compassion Celestial Ray, begins and ends the day on the Greenwich or Prime Meridian in England. Of course, the rays don’t really begin and end each day. Their Light is continuous. I use the term ‘beginning and ending the day’ as a convenient way to show their order and an associated location. As an example, Surrender, Trust, and Flow is over The Mississippi River Valley.

Next, I asked the Love and Compassion ray which ray was to the west of it and which was to  the east. When I learned those two, Peace and Joy to the west and Truth and Presence to the east, learning the rest of the order seemed to get easier. Once again, the process was backwards or nonlinear. The 12 rays designs, names, and the frequencies came first. Their story came last. Someone recently asked me how this knowledge came to me. How did I know the answer? I cannot explain it. I just knew.

Once I had the order, I hung the rays in front of the world map. The next question was why this order? Clearly it wasn’t about color or length. Nor the chakras or numbers. Or any other meaning-making model that graced The StoneCircles. Then what?  Of course! It has to do with their frequencies, with the waves of light they radiate to the world. Their story has four parts of three rays each. It’s a story of the development of our souls while we’re on the earth plane. I trust you will enjoy and appreciate it!

1 Healing Ourselves

When we experience Healing and Vitality (1) along with Abundance and Gratitude (2),
however we define them, then we can truly afford to 
Surrender, Trust and Flow (3).

Ray 1 begins and ends the day over Hawaii, Ray 2 over The Rockies,
Ray 3 over the Mississippi River Valley. (Locations are approximate for easy reference.)

2 Accessing True Knowing

When we truly surrender, we find we have access to all of the pure
Power and Potential (4) of the entire Cosmos. As we comprehend this gift
and hold its awesomeness, we experience an abiding sense of Peace and Joy (5),
and discover the ease of Love and Compassion (6) as our natural state.

Ray 4 begins and ends the day over the Atlantic Ocean east of Washington DC,
Ray 5 over the mid-Atlantic, Ray 6 over England.

3 Giving Our Gifts

Living in this reality of the first six rays: love, peace, and power that comes from healing,
gratitude, and surrender, we give our gifts to the world with every breath.
These gifts we give are our Truth and Presence (7),
Creativity and Inspiration (8), and Vision and Clarity (9).

Ray 7 begins and ends the day over The Middle East,
Ray 8 over Iraq and Iran, Ray 9 over India and Tibet.

4 Reaping the Harvest

And then we reap.
On behalf of the Whole.
It’s not personal. It’s transpersonal.
We often ‘try’ to make these states of being happen.
It rarely works. These gifts come to us freely. But not from doing.
Rather, they come from our willingness to recognize and receive. They are
Harmony and Grace (10), Unity and Wholeness (11), and Beauty and Reverence (12).

Ray 10 begins and ends the day over Russia and China,
Ray 11 over Japan and Australia, Ray 12 over Polynesia and The Pacific Ocean.


Stones photos by Barbara
on public domain photos of the stars