Photo by Barbara taken in our backyard on May 16, 2023

Session 1: Majestic Presence – Miracles Abound

In addition to other topics mentioned in the outline below,
here’s one aspect of what we will explore during the first session
of Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life.

In these weeks of May 2023 (in the Northern Hemisphere), we have been witnessing an annual transformation. What appeared to be dead has come alive again. As one, (not as IF one. As One.), grass, trees, bushes, flowers, apple and cherry blossoms, weeds, bunnies and goslings, migrating birds all show up…. There’s an overflowing cornucopia of Mother Earth’s Annual Grand Opening. We are given the privilege of noticing the miracle of Life! All of a sudden and as One! All the way around the world.

This annual event reminds us that, with a measure of attention and consciousness, we daily witness infinite miracles and mysteries that we can tend to take for granted. Like the sun rising and setting. Or the moon going through phases that align with the ocean’s tides. These movements in the physical world along with so many others – like Spring – are not trivial, not to go unnoticed, or to be taken lightly. Rather, they are miracles to behold!

Some miracles are much more subtle, even hidden. For example, at the most local level of our bodies new cells join in every day. And I ask, ‘How does a cell know to become a fingernail rather than an eyelash?” We don’t know. But the cells do. So they do it!

Our daily circumstances in ‘the real world’ are often noisy and tend to lead us toward the busyness of problem-solving. Yet, whether we notice not, the often hidden presence of the miraculous is boundless. Noticing the miraculous at this or any other moment in each and every day gives definition to awe, joy, love, and gratitude. Healing!

Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life

Exploring Our Individual and Collective Unfolding…
Learning something we haven’t known before.
Seeing something we haven’t seen before.
Going somewhere we haven’t been until now.

The purpose of this offering is not to solve or resolve anything. In fact, quite the opposite. The purpose is to expand ourselves and to inspire ourselves that we may access more of our inner genius; that we may invite, ignite, activate, celebrate even more of the inherent gifts and potential that we’ve been freely given. While each 90 minute session will have fresh content, our time will also center on the wisdom that arises from our explorations together.

Seven zoom sessions over seven weeks
beginning the week of the summer solstice.

Wednesdays / June 21 – August 2 / 2:00 – 3:30 pm CDT
Thursdays / June 22 – August 3 / 9:00 – 10:30 am CDT
Saturdays / June 24 – August 5 / 12:00 – 1:30 pm CDT

Early early bird: May 10 – May 24: $353 (save $162)
Early bird: May 25 – June 7: $434 (save $81)
June 8 – June 20: $515

In addition to the seven sessions, the cost includes
a StoneCircle Healing Stones design of your choice.

If you want to attend but either the times or cost don’t fit your needs,
or you don’t use Paypal, hit reply to this email and send me a note.
We’ll work something out.

1.Please pay via Paypal: Go to then plug in @barbarajoshipka
2.Hit reply and send me your phone number and mailing address and preferred time(s).
3.Encourage others in your life to join us.

Please walk with me in this endeavor.

The Outline

Based on original work by Barbara