One of my primary goals in attending Barbara’s program
was to create more spaciousness when I feel stressed
and overwhelmed. Her comprehensive yet simple content,
powerful questions and intuitive approach
have helped me feel lighter and more present
in my day-to-day world.
~ a current conscious participator

The focus for Session 2 is Life’s Purpose.
Here’s a poem I wrote some years ago….


I had been writing
For months.
Day after day.

I looked out the window
Beyond my desk
And thought…

“I want to make a difference.
Yet, I’m just sitting here
Doing Nothing that can be seen.

“Oh, I’m working.
Hard. For sure.
But, so what?
Does is matter?”

Something came in.
I heard inner instruction
About meaning.
About what is my work to do.
And what’s not mine to do.

It wasn’t in words per se.
So it’s not exact.
The essence?

When we sit in stillness
Of who we are
In this moment
We are giving our biggest,
Our most profound,
Gift. Bar none.

It’s a frequency,
A vibration that ripples.
It’s a quality of intention
Not a quantity of action.

We already are
Before we do.

Photo by Barbara
In our yard
Minneapolis, MN