The next “Conscious Participation in the Evolution of Life”
offering begins during the week of Halloween.

One of my primary goals in attending Barbara’s program was
to create more spaciousness when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. Her
comprehensive yet simple content, powerful questions and intuitive approach
have helped me feel lighter and more present in my day-to-day world.
~ a current conscious participator

Syntony: The state of being in harmony with the environment          ~ Mirriam-Webster Dictionary
Syntony: Resonance to tune in to or harmonize with each other      ~ Glosbe Dictionary
Syntony: A matching of frequencies                                                        ~ Collins Dictionary

First, a few words about harmonizing with the environment. These days when I hear the word ‘environment’ I think of nature, conservation, and the physical world. However, in this instance, environment means the totality of everything – both visible and invisible – that is our world. It surrounds us and is within us. Our environment so permeates our lives that we often don’t notice what is causing disharmony when we are not in harmony with it. Environment is what the ocean is to a fish.

Secondly, some words about harmonizing with each other. It begins with scheduling. Generally, scheduling is considered merely logistical. However, at a deeper level it is the beginning of matching of our frequencies. One conscious participator told me that collaborating to find times that worked for everybody made her feel like her presence mattered.

Given that each session is only 90 minutes by zoom, the maximum number of conscious participators will be five plus me. If more than five people want to join this round, we’ll start another group. This will give everyone time to both listen and speak, to witness and be witnessed.

I liken this form of harmony to cicadas in my backyard at this moment on an August night. When they go out of harmony at some point – which is rare – they seem to focus on coming back together again. And they do! In short order.


Photo by Barbara
Standing by Cedar Lake
Minneapolis, MN