I wrote a book that was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 1996 as Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Journey. It opens with a quote by Starhawk from her book, Truth or Dare, published in 1989.


Hear the story woman

She says…

There are times, sisters and brothers

when we are afraid that we will die

and take the whole great humming dance of life with us.

Something must change, we know that

But are we strong enough?

And will we be given time?…

We like to tell ourselves

stories of power

how we lost it

how we can reclaim it.

We tell ourselves

the cries we hear may be those of labor

the pain we feel may yet be that of birth


Leadership in a Challenging World: A Sacred Journey is on Amazon. However, the price to buy it now (in my humble opinion) is way out of line because it became a text for some business school classes globally from India to Brazil. The paperback has the price of 17.95 on its back cover. However, currently, the kindle version lists at $47.49 and that’s with a discount! The paperback is $56.95 and the hardcover is $144.90. (This is one reason why people have enormous student loans, right?) However, you can get a used copy for between $4.00 and $7.00. There are even a few new ones for $21.00.

Some years ago I received the rights to revise and publish the book myself. Maybe I’ll do that one day soon – perhaps as an ibook. In the meantime, more stories to come.