Everything in life is Ayni, sacred reciprocity….
Ayni is gratitude, respect, honor and reciprocal living.
Ayni is about recognizing that all of life exists in a sacred balance
of give and take. When we practice Ayni we send a message to Existence
and partake in the gifts that Life, in exchange, gives back to us.  ~ Mateo Sol

In addition to being an angelic song of epic proportions, the sine wave that connects the 44 sacred homes is also a necklace that surrounds Mother Earth. Thus, when you have a StoneCircles design, you become a stone on Her healing necklace. These healing stones come from the earth; they are fractals of Mother Earth. We are fractals of humanity. When we consciously build a relationship with the StoneCircles, we become supportive and healing elements for the earth. The hearts represent the designs and their sacred homes and they also represent our hearts.  We are participating in an exchange of spiritual healing energies. 

Imagine the hearts on the map as being all of us who have and respect our stones. Imagine the golden threads of the sine wave as a medium like gold chain that connects the stones to each other. Imagine we are always connected as we adorn Mother Earth. Imagine recognizing that everything we have – everything – has its roots in the earth.

In an article entitled Sacred Reciprocity: 5 Ways to Manifest True Abundance in your Life, Mateo Sol writes. “You and I are both part of this vibrating web of energy, as well as every single thing you perceive. Rocks, trees, animals, rivers, computers, cars, buildings, fire, clouds, even the human mind, and emotions – it’s all energy.”

Sol’s 5 ways to “manifest abundance in your life using the principle of Ayni” fit well with the healing energies and the potential power of Mother Earth’s StoneCircle necklace.

1. Offer sincere gratitude for what has been given to you
2. Make respecting the earth your priority
3. Do earth-honoring ceremonies to honor Ayni
4. Nurture and protect life
5. Consecrate the ground beneath your feet

One gift of the overwhelming problems we face – like climate change, Covid-19, and deep-rooted racism – is that they are global. As a result, in this time, we are gaining a profoundly new, deep, and visceral understanding of just how interconnected, interwoven, and interdependent we are. However, at the same time, the angst we feel comes from knowing – at some level, whether conscious or not – that we cannot solve these global problems using conventional solutions, especially solutions that are linear and take time. We can treat symptoms, yes, but until we address and dissolve cause, the problems will remain. The Spiral Dynamics model of human evolution teaches us that, to solve the problems we have created, we must move up to the next level on the spiral. And, to do that, I believe we need radical, peaceful, unifying, and beautiful forms of action; action that energetically supports personal healing, communal healing, and the healing of Mother Earth simultaneously. Sacred reciprocity is that kind of action.

Some of the sacred homes for the StoneCircles designs have dozens of stewards while a few have just one or two. And, I vividly remember the day the 44th StoneCircles design went out the door for the first time. Energetically, I could feel Mother Earth’s necklace light up like a string of lights on a Christmas tree.

If you have stones from years ago and no longer feel in a conscious relationship with them, please clear and energize them and then determine whether or not they are still ‘right’ for you. If they are, great! However, if the stones no longer hum for you, feel free to pass them on to someone who will appreciate and respect them. Then find a new StoneCircles design for yourself.

If you do not have a StoneCircles design and would like to participate in this communal honoring, please consider choosing a design that calls to you. And also please know that I am always happy to help you discern and select a design that is ‘right’ for you at this time.

Also,  just as a reminder,  the money you pay for a StoneCircles design is not about ownership. It’s an energy exchange; it’s about the opportunity to steward healing at myriad levels. We actually are not able to own fractals of the earth. After all, they will be around long after we have left our physical bodies.


Map: Public domain photo with graphics by Barbara