I took this photo while trekking
On the path to Mt. Everest
In The Himalayas.
This vista is just
above Namché Bazaar.

Mount Everest is barely visible
behind the blue mountain in front
with the path carved into it.
From the place where I stood,
the tallest mountain in the world
really didn’t look THAT big.

Further, without having it pointed out,
the mountain in the center
between and ‘under’ the trees
might escape your attention.
It looks like a hill in comparison
to the mountains surrounding it.
Small and unimportant.
But actually, it is almost
a 1000 feet higher
than where I am standing.

Often our perceptions in life
are affected by scale, perspective, and
the context within which we are seeing.


Photo by Barbara.
Just above Namché Bazaar, Nepal.
Scan of a 35mm slide.