In the East and in the West, in the past and in the present, by one person and another, stones have been attributed with specific meanings and powers for thousands of years.

I sense that, as far as these attributions go, they are accurate. But I also believe that Mother Earth, in her generosity and bestowal of beauty, does not limit what the stones mean and can offer. In fact, I believe that the stones are imbued with gentle, loving powers that are beyond our human abilities to comprehend. Whereas our definitions of the stones’ powers have been fairly literal and exact, I believe that Mother Earth’s “definitions” are more situational and relational – based on what we need.

Said another way, I sense that the definitions given to the stones are like the tip of an iceberg that we can see above water. They are accurate. Yet they are far from being the complete and whole picture. Consider that, in the stories, I was perhaps working with the 5-10% of an iceberg that we see.  As you develop your relationship with your stones, you have opportunity to discover some of the 90-95% that is below water.

The photo  is of Beauty And The Beauty (#26)