The Flammarion engraving above depicts a human at the edge of the Earth where it meets the sky.
The person kneels down and passes head, shoulders, and right arm through to the star-studded sky.
Even if only for a moment, this human is experiencing something beyond day-to-day reality – something
entirely new, something that until this moment was not ever known, seen, or experienced before.

Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life

Exploring Our Individual and Collective Unfolding…
Learning something we haven’t known before.
Seeing something we haven’t seen before.
Going somewhere we haven’t been until now.

Seven sessions over seven weeks.
Begins the week of the summer solstice.

Wednesdays / June 21 – August 2 / 2:00 – 3:30 pm CDT
Thursdays / June 22 – August 3 / 9:00 – 10:30 am CDT

Early early bird: May 10 – May 23: $353 (save $162)
Early bird: May 24 – June 6: $434 (save $81)
June 7 – June 20: $515

In addition to the seven sessions, the cost includes
a StoneCircle Healing Stones design of your choice.

If you want to attend but either the times or cost don’t fit your needs,
or you don’t use Paypal, hit reply to this email and send me a note.
We’ll work something out.

1. Please pay via Paypal:
2. Hit reply and send me your phone number and mailing address and preferred time(s).
3.Encourage others in your life to join us.

Please walk with me in this endeavor.

The Outline

Based on original work by Barbara