Dawn over the Strait of Magellan a few days ago ~ Chris Jordan

Following is a glimpse into some content of Session 5
of “Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life.”

Throughout the infinite,
the forces are in a perfect balance,
and hence the energy of a single thought
may determine the motion of a universe.
~ Nikola Tesla

Here’s a thought from
artist and photographer, Chris Jordan
from a Facebook post on June 15, 2023

One of the challenges of my new film project that dives
fully into beauty, is to take the bad news into account
— to metabolize it in a way that is honest and direct,
but that doesn’t amplify or obsess about it.
It is clear that we can’t live in denial of the bad news;
and we also don’t have to focus on it exclusively.
How do we find the optimal balance,
to empower ourselves
with the transformative energy of beauty,
but without making the mistake of avoiding
or discounting the harsh realities of our world?
It’s a primary question that I want to face in this project.

One way I am coming to see it, is that darkness and light
are not equal opposites, like two sides of a scale,
to be held in balance in a Libra-like or Yin-yang posture.
Lately I think of beauty as more like an envelope,
or a widening concentric circle, that can contain
all of the bad news, but that is vastly bigger
and more powerful than any of it.