Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.  ~ Albert Einstein

Change itself is changing. The process of evolution itself is evolving.  ~ Yasuhiko Kimura


Contrary to what we may think, balance is not a place of stasis. Like riding a bike, balance is more of a process than a destination. It is dynamic and ever-changing.

Yes, we pass through that still place now and then – like when on a teeter-totter. I remember as a kid how hard we would work to try to find the place of balance and sit still there. Sometimes it worked for a little while. But, mostly, we’d just give up and continue going up and down, briefly passing through that balance point again and again.

Homeostasis is a great example of  how very dynamic balance is.  Whether we look at an individual body or the whole earth, continuously achieving whatever is called for to bring balance to the whole system in each ever-changing moment is a natural, responsive, ongoing process.

Another example that illustrates balance as dynamic is a tightrope walker. Great focus and great attention are required to both move and maintain balance simultaneously.


There is one more Celestial Ray, the thirteenth, named Dynamic Balance. It plays the unique role of weaver. It surrounds the earth at the equator and provides structure and stability for the other twelve rays.

It is wearable Feng Shui. It has a repeating pattern of stones representing the Chinese five elements of wood (spring), fire (summer), earth (nurturing/growth), air (autumn), and water (winter). While each handmade ray has different keystones for the five elements, for the one pictured here, the keystones are picture jasper/wood, strawberry quartz/fire, turquoise/earth, Bali silver/air, and ocean jasper/water.

Also, it has a unique design. Whereas the other twelve rays have repeating patterns of order and chaos, in this ray each and every stone is precisely placed. At the personal level this ray is imbued with a purpose of assisting us in evolving our DNA. Its global purpose Is to bring heaven and earth together in harmony and equilibrium.


Graphic and photo by Barbara