Life moves in spirals.
New Growth. Experiences.
Cowlicks. Galaxies.


Going forward, while the essence remains the same, I am shifting the direction of this exploration somewhat. Instead of focusing directly on climate change and innovative responses to the issues of climate change, I will be focusing on how we can evolve our consciousness and leap at least one octave to a higher vibration.

I’ve found that focusing on climate change actually lowers my vibration because it pulls me out of the present and into an uncertain future. Secondly, it is about problem-solving. Third, it only addresses the physical world. Thus, I’d rather focus on noticing and reveling in the miracles of life. They abound! I find that this direction of focus lifts me by at least an octave. In the higher vibration I can be of greater service to myself, you, my communities, the world, and beyond. I reconnect with all life and I become a counterbalancing agent for the noise of the material world.


The material and spiritual worlds are one. The polarity is not real; it is manufactured.
Further, the material world is sourced from and created via the spiritual world.
~ Paraphrase from physicist, Nassim Haramein, “The Connected Universe”


Photo and haiku by Barbara