The Co-Creation Story is about how these personal wearable healing energy grids came to be a how they evolved into a global wearable healing energy grid for Mother Earth.

StoneCircles (Earth) are celebrations of nourishment, support, and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth.

Celestial Rays (Sun) are 55 – 65″ lariats uniquely designed as waves of energy with repeating ordered and random patterns.

Music of the Spheres (Planets) is an ancient concept describing movements of celestial bodies – the Sun, Moon, and Planets — as a form of music.

Infinite BlessSings (Stars) are numerologically and geometrically designed to open us to the possibility of what we may not currently perceive.

Other Healing Stones Designs include stones for expectant parents, children, and teens as well as wearable astrology, commissioned designs, and more.


All stones photos and graphics by Barbara. The StoneCircles and Celestial Rays  are juxtaposed on public domain images.
The photos are representative. Since all of the pieces are handmade, there may be variations in the stones’ sizes or shapes.