Image borrowed from the Scientific American article entitled,
“The Hippies Were Right: It’s All about Vibrations, Man!”

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This offering has been a rare journey into deeper insight, beauty, and consciousness in
intimate community….As a lifelong learner, I’m so grateful for the way Barbara holds
the space and invites us to consider our lives and our choices through new lenses.
I highly recommend this offering. ~ a current conscious participator

All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear
to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies.

To illustrate vibration and frequency, music offers us an example. The frequency of middle C is 262 Hz. (Hertz equals the number of cycles per second.) The frequency of the C below middle C is 131 Hz or one-half that of middle C. In other words, a complete cycle of vibration is slower and lower than that of middle C. The frequency of the C above middle C is 524 Hz. It is twice that of middle C, higher and faster.

I have used numbers and numerology to decide the fees for the upcoming offering, “Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life” so we can call in certain useful frequencies that will support us in the process we create together. In other words, coherent frequencies help us ‘sync up’ or resonate with each other in ways that may seem mysterious.

For starters, the single payment fees all equal 11. For example, the Early Early Bird fee is $353. In numerology we add up the digits so 3+5+3 equals 11. The same is true of the Early Bird fee and the Regular fee. They add up to 11.

11 is the first master number in numerology. Even though it would be possible to reduce (1+1=2), we don’t reduce master numbers. Yet and still, 2 and 11 are connected to each other. 11 is the higher octave of 2. Like how middle C and higher C both the same and different in music, both 2 and 11 are about relationship. 2 centers on earthly relationships that can be between some people or plants or animals, etc. but not others. 11 includes and goes beyond the attributes of 2. 11 is inclusive while 2 can be exclusive. Also, it is bigger in that it’s about ‘relatedness’ which includes relationship. 11 is about how we are connected to everything, to all life, and how everything, all life, is connected to itself. It’s about the whole and wholeness. 11 is about coming to know ourselves as devout supporters of all life. That’s what “Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life” is all about.

The Patreon numbers for making 12 monthly payments rather than one payment upfront are also master numbers. In contrast to how I’ve interpreted 11, however, they are more about your personal vibration and your choice of which of the three frequencies will best support you on this journey. Here’s just a morsel of each:

33 is about kindness and service. These two qualities are explicitly named by His Holiness The Dalai Lama (HHDL) as being the greatest gifts humans can give to the world.

A key quality of 44 is personal power which is the most potent power there is – no matter how things look on the surface – because it is grounded in choice.

Two key qualities of 55 are heightened and deepened awareness along with increased recognition of your inherent intuitive and psychic gifts.

An Invitation to “Consciously Participate in the Evolution of Life”

No doubt, you already have spiritual practices that support you. Nonetheless,
Barbara’s unique offering is sure to bring you even greater presence and growth.
It’s worth every penny. I highly recommend it! ~ a current conscious participator

This is an invitation to invest in yourself; to give yourself a precious gift.

The purpose of this offering is not to solve or resolve anything. In fact, quite the opposite. The purpose is to expand ourselves and to inspire ourselves that we may access more of our inner genius; that we may invite, ignite, activate, celebrate even more of the inherent gifts and potential that we’ve been freely given. While each 90 minute session will have fresh content, our time will also center on the wisdom that arises within each of us during our explorations together.


Deciding to join as a ‘conscious participator’ is no small deal!

It requires you to invest in yourself in at least three ways:
1.It calls for you to invest 90 minutes x 7 sessions of your precious time plus a small amount of time between sessions.
2.You will have an additional focus in your life during the twelve weeks.
3.Below you’ll find the request to pay tuition as described below.

Having said that, I am always open to negotiating the cost so it works for you.


Seven 90 minute zoom sessions over 12 weeks
between Halloween (October 31, 2023)
and Ground Hogs Day (February 2, 2024).

Early early bird: August 30 – September 19
$353 via PayPal or $33 / month / 12 months via Patreon

Early bird: September 20 – October 10
$434 via PayPal or $44 / month / 12 momths via Patreon

Regular: October 11 – October 25
$515 via PayPal or $55 / month / 12 months via Patreon

Pay via Paypal: @barbarajoshipka
Pay via Patreon: