May we know this as
The most sacred of times.

May we, for now, let go
Of longing to make the world
Different than it is.

We live in a time of crisis and opportunity.
It is both terrifying and beautiful.

We may cease traveling.
We may cease buying and selling.
We may be told to ‘shelter in place’.

We can easily see this disruption
Of our day-to-day routines
As a time of fear and dismay,
A time to withdraw and protect.

And we can also see it as
A chance to enjoy untold luxuries:
Free time
Good food, good books, good movies
New perspective.

We know that our lives
Are in one another’s hands.
We see that even more clearly now.

We reach out with compassion.
It powerfully, invisibly,
Caresses suffering places.
Places we cannot touch.

We reach out with our hearts.
We sing. We pray. We bow.
We promise this world our love
For as long as we live.




Photo by Barbara.
Passing through a rhododendron ‘forest’
while trekking in The Himalayas, 1984.
Terrifying and Beautiful!
Scan of a 35mm slide. The color is natural.