StoneCircles are celebrations of nourishment, support, and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth.  Click on the image to read the story of each of the 44 designs. As you browse, note what design(s) call to you. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation about what design(s) might be right for you at this time. And with that, you can trust your intuition!
Each piece in the collection is associated with a sacred site on the earth.  In mysterious and gracious reciprocity, together, the 44 designs create a healing necklace that surrounds Mother Earth.  Your StoneCircle(s) offer you healing from Her and, in turn, you become a healing stone on her global necklace. Thus, you become part of the growing global community of healing stewards for Mother Earth.  To learn more, contact me at I’m always more than happy to share the deeper healing story.
Every piece is handmade. Stones may vary slightly in size and color but the essential design remains constant (sacred home, stone attributes, colors, original numbers, and geometry).  The end stones on the prayer beads and short necklaces with a drop vary as well and always complement the design.
The images on the photos are the original designs before there were any variations.  As such, there originally were 11 long necklaces (1 – 11), 11 short necklaces (12 – 22), 11 sets of prayer beads (23 – 33), and 11 bracelets (34 – 44).  The short necklaces with a drop are similar to prayer beads. There are also images of the variations with each piece that has variations.

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