[W]e don’t do it alone. We don’t make it up. We help to shape what comes to us
from Nature, as the alchemists knew and practiced. We can become the
World Soul’s active partners…. ~ Robert Simmons

I am reading a book entitled The Alchemy of Stones: Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones for Healing and Transformation. It is beautifully written by Robert Simmons. Simmons has had a close relationship with stones for decades. And, just like Terry Tempest Williams’ story about the biologist who listens and responds to the Sequoias,* Simmons validates my experience of many years.

Both authors are willing to step outside conventional knowledge and, thus, they are Going Beyond the Dome into mysterious wonder. They also both have a willingness to believe and trust in deeper, more subtle listening and seeing that goes beyond hearing and eyesight.

While I had never strung a bead in my life and had very little previous knowledge of stones or of designing healing necklaces, bracelets, and prayer beads, I came to see that I had a deep knowing. It was like I had done this before. To my great surprise, I found myself co-creating full-time with stones for several years. Very ‘high play!’

As a result, I would suggest a change to the subtitle of Simmons’ book. In my experience, I co-created with the whole of Mother Earth and with the angels. There was a vertical alignment from Mother Earth beneath my feet, through my heart, and up to the angels in other realms. The stones cooperated, loved being touched and used for beauty, gave us their gifts, and hummed continuously. They are living fractals of Mother Earth: crystals, minerals, and gemstones.

I am ever so grateful for my work with stones. The entire experience went beyond my wildest dreams. I could not have planned the designs, the process of discovery, nor the coherent, global whole they would become. What unfolded did not come from me. Rather, I was an instrument and I continue to be a steward. Being that I am in a physical body, Mother Earth and the angels were able to communicate what they wanted to have embodied. I just listened and ‘real-ized’ their wishes.

Both photos were taken with the same aura camera. One, taken in 2001 (below), is six months before I began working with the stones and the other, taken in 2002 (above), is six months after. Also, below are some words I wrote in 2004:

“Our earth provides us with all we need in order to live: air, water, food…. And She offers much more, some of which comes in ways that are quite subtle and seem mysterious. For many of us, this ‘much more’ is outside the range of what we normally think, feel, and see in our day-to-day lives – unless and until we attend with care and awareness in ways that may be new to us.

“As we know through how we use them for communications, crystals are powerful conductors of energy. The same natural principles that allow us to communicate with a space probe reaching interstellar space using crystals are available to us as we commune with our souls, our inner-stellar space.

“Every cell within the body vibrates. And life force vibrates out beyond our physical bodies to create a field of energy that includes our thoughts, feelings, and intuitions. Crystals oscillate to natural healing frequencies and are activated by our mental energy.

“When we combine clear intent with the natural healing frequencies of the stones, the stones become amplifiers of the deep, universal field of healing and pure potential. It’s rather like turning on a radio. The radio is always broadcasting whether it’s turned on or not. But we only receive the broadcast when we turn it on.”

Note: When searching for the aura photos on an old back-up disk, I noticed that interstellar and inner-stellar might be another way of pointing to the intersection between the science and magic of alchemy. The powerful energy of crystals is both scientifically studied and magically experienced.

Both photos by the same aura camera
Stillwater, MN