Barbara creates a space that is extraordinarily warm, connected. and sacred.
I’m able to show up with vulnerability, authenticity, and curiosity.
~ a current participant

Simplicity Holds Complexity – or Simplexity for short – describes the unique design for this offering entitled Consciously Participating in the Evolution of Life. It is simple in that the design is a shell that rolls and repeats over seven sessions. The complexity it holds comes mostly from the people who participate.

Each session is 90 minutes long and consists of a large out breath and a small beginning of a new in breath. More or less, it goes like this: We come together and begin with the out breath which has two parts. Together, these two parts account for about 60 of the 90 minutes.

First, the out breath: The first part of the out breath is whatever each participant wants to share about their current state. It might look like information sharing on the surface but what we are really doing is witnessing each other’s human experience on planet Earth at this time. And, reciprocally, we are being witnessed by each other. Holding our sharing in this way, though it may seem no different or only subtly different at best, makes a huge difference in how we listen! The second part of the out breath is another round of sharing but this time our stories are related to our time between sessions where we ‘worked’ on a practice, reflection, or experiment.

Secondly, the in breath: For about 15 of the remaining 30 minutes, I introduce new material. And, along with the new material, I recommend a practice, a reflection, an experiment to be completed alone between sessions as prep for our next out breath. These experiences might take a minute or two each day or they might take a half an hour once or…. Of course, people are always welcome to do more but, since awareness and insight are our goals, often less is more. Like diving into a pool, when you’re wet, you’re wet. If you dive 50 more times, you won’t be more wet than you were the first time.

In the last 15 minutes we have one more short round of sharing about what has been significant for each person in this session and/or what ‘take aways’ they gleaned and/or whatever else they want to say that will help us tie a bow on the session.

That’s it! Over the coming weeks I will describe more of what this gift of consciousness, this present of presence holds. I will also share more words from the participants. I promise that your presence in this offering will serve you and will be of service to others! In the next week or two I’ll be sending the logistics of scheduling and cost. I’ll also send the outline for the seven sessions again. Please consider joining us for the next offering which begins the week of Halloween.


Graphic by Barbara