Remain conscious.

Breathe deeply.

Eat good food.

Stay hydrated.

Offer my gifts.

Request help.

Show kindness.

Get enough sleep.

Pray and meditate.

Spend time in nature.

Create, create, create.

Remember my Divinity.

Take my supplements.

Treasure loved ones.

Celebrate beauty.

Sit in gratitude.

Expect miracles.

Be in the moment.

Listen to my favorite music.

Entertain awe at the Mystery of it all.

Somebody tell a joke. (Quote from Moonstruck.)

I recently developed this list to remind myself of some of what heals me. I read it whenever
I feel captured by the multiple complex dramas playing out in our world at this moment.
Humbly, I offer it as an invitation for you to make your own list…if you haven’t already.

Photos by Barbara
Hidden Lakes
Minneapolis, MN