Key Objectives
  • Offer an alternative means of equipping the leader in each of us
  • Engage the whole brain for greater ease of learning
  • Establish an ongoing practice to build and sustain resilience
  • Expand awareness of self and others in order to:
    – Increase choices and responses
    – Enable powerful and lasting relationships
    – Support others in feeling ‘taller’
    – Deepen and connect to life’s purpose
  • Experience the power of technology to:
    – Lessen the distance between us
    – Provide more options for connecting
    – Deepen virtual interactions beyond transactions
  • Reconnect with nature to:
    – Appreciate beauty even in a windowless office
    – Remember that truth comes from observing nature
    – Receive the physical and emotional healing touch
Potential Outcomes
  • Heightened mindfulness
  • Personal growth
  • Broadened perspective
  • Ability to even more fully give our gifts
  • Sustenance and nourishment
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Greater sense of balance
  • Relief from stress
  • The evolution of humanity