The way we alchemize a scared world into a sacred world
is by treating everyone including ourselves as if we are sacred.
When the sacred in us remembers, we are no longer scared.
~ inspired by words of Rivka Grace Savitri

In a conversation with a dear friend last week, we talked about the emails I’ve sending out every Wednesday for the last 4.5 years. I asked her why she reads them and what she likes about them. In her response what stood out for me went something like, “They are beautiful. And they help me remember the bigger context and truth of our lives.”

We all live in a Big Story and we each have a Grand Part to play. That’s why we are Here. In Truth, whether we notice it or not; whether we can hold the Bigness of it or not, we are all always in deep collaboration with the Co-Creative Unfolding of The Cosmos.

Consider the magnitude of the global issues we face ranging from climate change and severe weather to the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccinations to systemic racism and bigotry to the very basics like having access to clean water and nourishing food. It’s pretty easy to get scared, to suffer, and to feel overwhelmed, insignificant sometimes. It’s easy to slip into mass consciousness. Believe me, I know! It’s also easy to forget or overlook how, at every moment, we are sitting in the midst of All That Is Sacred. It’s a choice. Paradoxically, it is exactly the global issues we face that are pulling us into a deeper sense of awakening to ourselves and to the whole, of the miraculous gift of Life, and the privilege of being able to participate in Life. We are being pulled just like flowers that bloom and turn their blossoms toward the sun. All of us. Yes, that includes even those for whom it feels like they are being pushed rather than pulled into the evolution of a new world.

Alchemy, the Mystery of Turning Lead into Gold, is evidence of our deeper awakening. We, as spiritual alchemists, are the precise crossroads between the ancient and the emerging; the precise crossroads between the scary and the sacred, between fear and love. With deep humility and in a state of awe, I see that we each are participating in ‘What’s Next’ for us as a species. We each have a Grand Part to play for Gaia, Mother Earth and all Life that She supports, and for The Whole Cosmos. I especially sit in this sense of humility and awe when I am present to and absorbed in the ongoing experience of deep listening and soul-filled healing. Working with the stones and writing their story has been very important for me. I’ve taken time to contemplate as I fashion each email I send to you. The stones’ story and writing about it helps me remember some key ingredients of my Grand Part in the Co-Creative Unfolding of the Universe.

Our connection
To All Life. Ordinary.


The Bud and the Blossom photos by Barbara.
The bottom photo, called Sacred, is one of 24 Urban Nature Fine Art Prints suitable for framing.