Love’s Innocence sits in Jenin on the West Bank of Israel/Palestine

HEALING THEME This piece is designed to support you in activating your heart center in all matters.

SACRED HOME In the nineteenth century, British lithographer David Roberts traveled throughout The Holy Land sketching and keeping a diary as he went. Jenin, the sight of much strife today and in great need of love’s innocence, was described as being set in a luxuriant oasis on the road between Nazareth and Jerusalem.

For those who may not know the StoneCircles, they are celebrations of nourishment, support, and beauty bestowed by Mother Earth. Click on the image to read the story of each of the 44 designs. When you visit the StoneCircles’ stories, in addition to each one’s HEALING THEME and SACRED HOME, you will also find more about the designs’ STONE ATTRIBUTES, COLORS, NUMBERS and GEOMETRY.,

Celebrating The Holy Days

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things
in the world are the things we can’t see.
~ The Polar Express

On Sunday mornings I often watch Fareed Zackaria’s CNN program. Yesterday’s was especially poignant. He interviewed Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN. As you might expect, the main subject of the interview was the Israeli-Hamas War. He made many points worth considering. There were two that especially stood out for me.

First, he said he does a report every year that addresses how many children have been killed in places where there is armed conflict. He named several places – like Yeman, for example – and he said that the numbers for all of these years have not exceeded the hundreds. Until now. He didn’t commit to an exact number but said that “we know thousands of children have died in Gaza in just the last month”.

Secondly, he said that more than 100 UN employees have died so far. And yet, they will stay and continue their humanitarian work! And he talked about how, since the beginning of the war, about 900 trucks total of humanitarian supplies have made it into Gaza. Before the war, about 500 trucks went into Gaza every day. And even then, that was not enough to care for the population adequately.

Speaking of humanitarian, I see the “humanitarian pauses” for people to walk to the southern part of Gaza as an oxymoron – or something lime that. 70% of the population of Gaza has been displaced to areas that have no infrastructure. There is no way for them to provide for the first two levels of Maslow’s hierarchy required for survival: 1) Physiological needs like food, water, shelter, and 2) Safety and Security needs. How can it be an humanitarian act to send hundreds of thousands, in fact millions, of people into a void?


The previous paragraph points to why I beieve it’s important to pray. I see prayer not as a religious act. I see it as a spiritual act. When I pray I hold All Life in my consciousness and I can dream a better future. When I pray I touch into the compassion I feel for all involved. Prayer is about focus and attention. I propose that it may be of more help to me than to those I pray for. And given that I am here and others are physically somewhere else, prayer is a most powerful way to transcend space and time. Prayer is one of the “most real things in the world” that we cannot see.

Many of you already have at least one StoneCircles design. If you do, please dust it off and activate it today. If you don’t have a piece, seriously consider purchasing one at 50% off during this time of multiple Holy Days in virtually every religion.

It’s time to pray together for our collective global healing! I believe prayer is sourced in the heart. It doesn’t matter when you pray. It just matters that you do it. In my dream, there are enough of us that if we pray at different times, we just might be praying throughout all of the timezones in the world! Wouldn’t that be cool?

BTW, you don’t have to believe that stones of Mother Earth configured into these healing designs “work”. It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not. So if you have one of the designs and don’t believe, just use it as a reminder to pray! That’s what’s important.