Cure is often linked to solving a circumstance we have defined as a problem, to
feelings of needing personal control, and to judgments about personal success and failure.
Healing is opening to the truth about ourselves – no matter how beautiful it is, opening to
our natural state as spiritual beings, opening to our divine place in the order of things,
deepening our capacity to love and be loved, to give and receive, and to serve and be served.
~ Barbara Shipka (written in 2004)

Healing and curing are inherently different. Curing means ‘eliminating all evidence of disease’,
while healing means ‘becoming whole’….When you marry healing and curing,
you pave the way for magic to happen.  ~ Lissa Rankin, MD

One definition of alchemy is the place where science and magic intersect. Cure and healing.

Two years ago I wrote The Infinite and the Finite about how in sacred geometry The Golden Mean, in the shape of a nautilus shell, has no beginning or end. It is infinite. And I wrote about how nature’s way of replicating that geometry on earth is through a series of numbers called the Fibonacci Sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8…). It does has a beginning (1) and an end (somewhere out there).

This week’s story of alchemy is a relative of that story. It’s about the similarity and difference between cure and healing. They are often seen as synonyms. But they are not. Cure is finite, of the physical world. Healing is infinite and goes far beyond the physical world. Yes, at times, cure and healing occur together. That’s true alchemy.

Cure – eliminating all evidence of disease – is a wonderful miracle of life on earth. And, even so, inevitably, all cures are temporary. Finite. Cure is of the temporal world. In the world of time, all that lives in physical form eventually dies. Healing comes in myriad forms and is eternal. While I cannot say exactly what happens when we die, my belief, my sense, and my guidance is that, as consciousness with a soul, we are somehow transformed and we continue on after the body dies. Recognizing that the body and consciousness are different is an aspect of true healing – becoming whole. As a metaphor, while the car and the driver work together as partners in getting somewhere, they are not inseparable. They are not one. The car is a means that serves the driver. So with the body. It serves the soul.

The stones are deliberately named Healing Stones rather than curing stones. The stones will help some people experience cure perhaps. Yet, their power and potential is much more expansive than that. Boundless. Infinite. When we develop a relationship with Healing Stones, we are also deepening our relationship with the angels and Mother Earth. Given the goodness of both of those sources, above and below, we can trust that support. The physical aspects of Healing Stones are a gift directly from Mother Earth. The non-physical aspects of healing that occur in our feelings, thoughts, and the soul are gifts from Mother Earth as well – in concert with the angels. Think about it. So much of the healing we long for includes but also goes far beyond the body. It is in the realms of regrets and fears, traumas, anxieties, complex relationships, misunderstandings about our true nature, injustice, unsolvable problems, depression and isolation….The list goes on. That’s where the Healing Stones come in. They offer support for becoming whole including but not limited to cure.


Photo and design by Barbara
Using the Fibonacci Sequence the prayer beads above are named The Finite and The Infinite,They are my favorites and I keep them with me 24/7! Here is how the design represents the Fibonacci Sequence:
1 ocean jasper drop
1 oval carnelian at the top
2 large round red adventurine
3 large round green turquoise
5 medium dark green pearls
8 medium round carnelian